Using Yandex webmaster tool to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Using Yandex webmaster tool to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

You know about the Yandex webmaster tool? You are looking for free traffic for your website. Do you want a higher rank in the search engine? You will get a lot of traffic without spending any money. You all know that a lot of internet users go to search engines if they want to go to any site. Search engines mean Google and Bin Etc. If You submit your blog/site so that you can get a lot of traffic to your blog/site.

In this article, I will show you how you can increase the traffic of your website using this webmaster tool.

So we are talking about the Russian popular search engine Yandex. Russian country has its own webmaster tools and searches engine. They use regularly use their Search engine tool like we use google and bing search engine

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- Provide Mail Service

- Video Platform service

- Browsing and images searching

- Translation services

- Money wallet

- storage/drive for backup and of course webmaster tools.

- Increase your site ranking and your overall trust.

- Get a lot of free traffic when you submit your website

- They send us security alerts and indexing errors immediately so you can fix them quickly as they appear.

- Free analytics reports will help you to increase your SEO

So you want to enjoy all of the benefits of the Yandex search engine so you have to submit your website to the Yandex search engine.

To go to the webmaster tools just click the following link Click Here. After the click, you have to signup in webmaster tool

I will show you how you can add your blog in yandex webmaster tools with the help of images.
Yandex is one of the best five search engine.

With the help of Yandex webmaster tools, your visitor is increasing day by day because the post you submit in Russian searching will drive more traffic from there.
Yandex tool detects your broken page and post links, updates your blog index status.

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- Open Yandex webmaster tools and first we sign in then Click add your site + link.

- Type your website URL and click add button.


- Then select the second option and copy the meta tag provided by Yandex.


- go to your dashboard

- if you’re using a blogger

- go to theme click on edit Html

- if you’re using WordPress

- Download plugin Insert Headers and Footers paste meta code in the head section

- Scroll down Click the Check button.


Enjoy your free traffic to drive to your website with help of Yandex webmaster tools.

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